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Denton Vacuum technology enables innovation. As thin film industry pioneers, we consistently raise the bar in product performance and outstanding service – and in delivering the latest in thin film technologies. With a strong focus on sputtering, evaporation & PECVD vacuum deposition systems for high-volume production and R&D, Denton Vacuum leads the market in advancing thin film technologies that enable innovation.
Production Solutions
As you would expect from an industry leader, Denton Vacuum’s thin film deposition technology platforms provide users with capable development and reliable production environments available in a variety configurations in chamber sizes, load locks, pumping systems, substrate tooling, fixtures (domes and planetaries), target and power sources, and control (pressure, gas and deposition).
While Denton Vacuum provides its customers with many configurations and operating options, Denton customers still appreciate most Denton’s efforts to size its systems for high productivity, high reliability, low cost of ownership, conformance to CE, UL, SEMI, CSA compliance and others as required, and, perhaps, above all, Denton’s refusal to compromise on features or performance. Learn more
R&D Solutions
Whether investigating, teaching or training—from small, dedicated research groups to large, multi-user fabrication facilities—Denton Vacuum delivers consistent, repeatable results through wide process capability, ease-of-use, and superior reliability and support. Learn more.
Denton Vacuum microscopy and microanalysis tools better enable users to obtain magnified images to study the morphology, structure, and shape of various features, including grains, phases, embedded phases and embedded particles among others features. Denton Vacuum provides micropscopists and microanalysists several, best-in-class tools, from sputter coaters to high vacuum sputter and evaporation tools for tissue and life science sample preparation, to a large sample, high throughout sputter and evaporation tool for these studies. Learn more
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Denton Vacuum, LLC provides global service and support to its worldwide customer base through direct service engineering support by Denton Vacuum staff and through direct service support from our network of trained Sales and Service Representatives.


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