IONTOF is a manufacturer of innovative instruments for surface analysis with different product lines for time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) and high-sensitivity low-energy ion scattering (LEIS).
Our TOF.SIMS 5, the most successful TOF-SIMS instrument ever, provides detailed elemental and molecular information about surfaces, thin layers, and interfaces, with full 3D characterization. Its unique design guarantees optimum performance in all fields of SIMS applications. Utilizing our new Argon Gas Cluster Ion Beam 3D characterization of organic materials is now possible.
Two recent additions to the TOF.SIMS 5 product line include multi-technique capabilities. By utilizing Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) technology from our NanoScan subsidiary we have developed an AFM add-on to the TOF.SIMS 5. This instrument allows in-situ crater measurements as well as full 3D topography corrected images.
The latest development to the TOF.SIMS 5 sees the addition of a Thermo ScientificTM Q ExactiveTM HF Orbitrap mass analyzer. This allows SIMS analyses with mass resolutions over 200,000, mass accuracies less than 1ppm and true MS/MS capability. Ideal for biological analyses, where such high mass resolutions are critical in peak identification, this new instrument is truly breaking new ground in biological surface analysis.
Our Qtac100 is a high sensitivity Low Energy Ion Scattering system for true atomic layer characterization. Ideally suited to the analysis of ALD films, catalysts, fuel cells and battery materials the Qtac 100 is the perfect choice for ultimate surface sensitivity applications.
Magnetic Force Microscopy has been at the heart of NanoScan for many years and with the introduction of the VLS-80 the ultimate MFM resolution is now available for large samples in an easy to operate system.
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