Ionoptika Ltd


Ionoptika is an ion beam technology company committed to the development of a wide range of high performance and novel ion beam systems, and to a high performance ToF SIMS analysis system – the J105 SIMS – that takes fullest advantage of the unique features of our ion beams.
We offer these systems to instrument manufacturers and to research groups for upgrade of analytical or process instrumentation.
We manufacture a range of ion guns with related electronic and vacuum components for use in micromachining and analysis applications. Custom design work is also undertaken, including complete instrument systems.
The following areas of expertise are available at Ionoptika:
  • Ion-optical design
  • Mechanical design - using 3D CAD.
  • Electronics design – high voltage and digital control
  • Manufacture and Test of UHV assemblies
  • Manufacture and Test of electronics
  • Instrumental control software
Ionoptika has a wealth of experience in ion beam science within its own technology group. We also benefit from close association with leading scientists in the fields of ion-optical design and analytical chemistry.


Unit B6. Millbrook Close
Hampshire SO53 4BZ
United Kingdom

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