Kimball Physics Inc.


Founded in 1969 - An MIT spinoff managed by physicists, Kimball Physics specializes in the design and manufacturing of precision electron sources and optics along with ultra-high vacuum components.

Kimball Physics Products include:

Electron Guns, Cathodes (thermionic emitters), Vacuum Chambers (compact, multiport) and Fittings are Kimball Physics core products.

Electron Guns: Energy ranges from 1 eV to 100 keV. Fast pulsing, Beam blanking, Deflection, Rastering, Gun-mounted Faraday cups. Kimball Physics' electron gun systems are complete and fully operational as delivered (plug and play). Applications: surface & space physics, accelerators, x-ray production etc.

Cathodes: High performance LaB6 (lanthanum hexaboride), Yttria coated Iridium, Tantalum, and Barium oxide. Applications: microscopy, lithography, x-ray sources, free electron lasers, etc.

Vacuum Chambers and Fittings: Compact, multi-port UHV vacuum chambers with internal and external mounting systems, reducing experimental set-up times. These Conflat vacuum fittings and components minimize welds, reduce space, improve vacuum performance and save time. Applications: high and ultra-high vacuum systems.

Custom products encouraged.


311 Kimball Hill Road
Wilton, New Hampshire 03086
United States of America

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