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McVac is a leader in Thin Film Coating instruments manufacturing. Our Quartz Crystal Sensors, Feedthroughs, Cables, and related products are used widely throughout the coating industry. Our products are rapidly becoming the "standard tooling" in many production and research coating systems in facilities worldwide. Our standard products are always same day delivery, and custom variations of our standards are usually shipped within a few days.


McVac also manufactures High, and Ultra High Vacuum components such as fittings, flanges, extensions, nipples, power feedthroughs, bellows, chambers, and complete vacuum systems. We do all of the precision machining, TIG welding, and helium mass spectrometer leak testing here at our modern facility. Repair and testing of vacuum equipment is also available at McVac.



If you have a particular product that you do not find in our catalog, please call our sales department, as we will be happy to quote on your special requirements.



McVac has been providing quality products for the Vacuum Industry since 1989. Our Production and Engineering employees have nearly 50 years combined experience in the Vacuum Industry. Our products are, but not limited to, Instrumentation for the Vacuum Coating and Deposition industry. Our Quartz Crystal Sensors, Feedthroughs, Cables , and related products are sold and used all over the world. Many of our products are sold through Original Equipment Manufactures, though we also sell direct. The products we produce for the Vacuum Industry are 100% certified Leak Free, through our Precision Leak Testing Process, using a state of the art Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector. In Fact we have in service, 2 State of the art Helium Leak Detectors, in the event one machine is out of service, our quality leak detection services are not interrupted.



One of our best qualities is the ability and willingness to modify, or customize our standard products to fit the users exact requirements. We typically receive specifications or rough sketches of the Customers requirements and have an exact, professional AutoCad drawing generated the same day, and the completed product shipped within 2-3 days. No other company in the business, world wide, can turn finished products around like we do here at McVac.



7030 fly Rd
East Syracuse, New York 13057
United States of America

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