OCI Vacuum Microengineering Inc.


Our Company
OCI Vacuum Microengineering has been grown out of research being done at a number of universities in Europe, Canada and the United States. The company has a very strong commitment to research and development because of the potential for future commercial opportunities.
LEED and Auger Spectroscopy Instrumentation
Our company manufacturers rear-view LEED-Auger (AES) spectrometers providing nano-scale measurement of the surface periodic structures as well as quantitative elemental analysis using fine electron probe. The spectrometer line is offered in several configurations including mounting flange size (8CF, 6CF and 4.5CF), electron probe current and beam size ranges (from micro-amps to fempto-amps), different detectors (basic hemispherical luminescent, micro-channel plates and pulsed with delay-line), and high energy resolution grids.
Ion Sources, Electron Guns and Analyzers
In addition, the ion sputtering guns, custom electron guns, ion sources, analyzers and electron gun for inverse-photoemission with energy selector are offered. The units are controlled by dedicated electronics and software featuring simple analog or fully digital convenient control including an on-board microprocessor with USB computer interface.
Our Facility Capabilities
All of our instrumentation is manufactured directly at our site. Our large standalone facility houses a laboratory, cold room, assembly, laser welder, CNC machine shop, research and development division, design room, cafeteria and more.
  • Research & Development
  • Design / IT
  • Laboratory
  • Cold Room
  • Assembly
  • Laser Welder
  • CNC Machine Shop
At OCI Vacuum Microengineering Inc., we have been building UHV analytical instrumentation control electronics for over twenty five years. Together with our collaborating companies we offer the broadest, most comprehensive solution for your basic surface analytical requirements.
Installing optics for LEED (Low Energy Electron Diffraction) & AES (Auger Electron) Spectroscopy in a UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) system                                                                 
Product Range
Our product range includes:
  • UHV Spectroscopy Systems | Overview
  • (LEED) / Auger (AES) Spectroscopy Instrumentation | Overview
  • Electron Guns / Ion Sputtering Guns | Overview
  • Controllers | Overview
  • AES Data Acquisition & LEED Imaging Software | Overview
  • Custom Designs | Overview
 Laser welding capability for UHV LEED & AES spectroscopy related purposes
Please contact us directly for more information about our capabilities to adapt and tailor any design to your 


200 Stronach
London, Ontario N5V 3A1

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