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Semilab Semiconductor Physics Laboratory Co. Ltd.

Semilab is one of the leading metrology equipment supplier for material development and process control in the semiconductor, display, photovoltaic and flexible electronic industries. Our company offers advanced electrical and optical based measurement systems, which are predominantly non-contact / non-destructive for both R&D and production monitoring.

Our technology portfolio includes the world leading sensitivity Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) for contamination monitoring and dopant impurity profiling as well as high sensitivity non contact Surface Photo Voltage (SPV). Our optical based techniques include photoluminescence, Raman, spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE), ellipsometric porosimetry (EP) and Model Based Infrared Reflectance (MBIR) measurements. Our electrical measurement techniques include Microwave PhotoConductance decay (µ-PCD), Non contact Sheet resistance by Eddy Currents, AFM, non-contact corona-Kelvin based CV / IV measurements, and contact type electrical methods including Fastgate and Hg probing or SRP and 4PP. Major application areas include silicon wafer quality, diffusion, high K and low K dielectrics, III-V materials, ion implant dose, junction leakage, epitaxial growth, plasma & etch inspection and trench structures. 

Recent areas of development allowed the combination of several metrology in one platform. For example, our SEIR platforms (SE and MBIR combination) are used for full characterization of highly doped SiGe structures (Thickness, [Ge], dopant concentration). Alternatively, the MBIR system can also be used for trench structures and amorphous carbon applications opening many applications on a unique platform. Among other metrology combinations, SE and photoluminescence can be used for the full characterization of AlGaN structures ([Al], [Mg] and stack thickness) or SE and non-contact sheet resistance by Eddy current can be applied to TCO applications. We also partner with Zeiss to offer an integrated AFM option in their Gemini SEM platform. This unique capability opens up a wide range of applications using the different AFM modes and SEM imagery. Finally, Semilab recently acquired Fischer- Cripps Laboratories technology and now propose Nanoindentation instruments.

All technologies can be offered in fully automated configuration for real-time production control as well as stand-alone / tabletop systems. Some technologies such as Spectroscopic Ellipsometry or Non contact sheet resistance can also be proposed in-situ, to monitor in real time ALD applications for example, or in-line to monitor Roll to Roll Process.


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