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The best tilt measurement and vacuum measurement products for your application
Televac has been a preferred supplier of high performance vacuum measurement solutions to the vacuum furnace industry for more than 80 years. Our extensive line of sensors, active gauges, and controllers deliver world-class vacuum measurement for demanding application environments. Together, our products cover the entire practical vacuum range – from atmosphere to ultra-high vacuum (UHV). Talk to one of our engineers today about our 7B Penning magnetron cold cathode sensor, thermocouple sensors, convection sensors, and our new MX200 vacuum controller with EthernetIP communications which interfaces directly with Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PLCs.
Our vacuum measurement tools are built for the toughest jobs and engineered specifically to perform in the most demanding applications and environments. Covering the entire practical vacuum range, our products deliver rapid response vacuum readings and superior sensitivity. We guarantee customer satisfaction and our "not too big, not too small" operation is what enables us to offer a true partnership experience that prioritizes uptime, lead time, and service.
The engineering support you’ve been looking for
Even though timely customer service and expert product support should be essential for doing business, these days it seems to be the exception and not the rule. Getting the ongoing support you need is especially critical when you have a tricky engineering challenge to work through. At that point, you don’t just need a part – you need a partner.
At Fredericks, our heritage of support goes back more than 80 years, working side-by-side with OEM customers across the world in a wide range of markets and literally hundreds of applications. In that time, you could say we’ve learned a thing or two about angle measurement, vacuum measurement and advanced manufacturing techniques. Our team of designers and engineers can bring that experience to bear for you. We’ll develop high quality, cost-effective products and components that are critical to solving your most challenging OEM design problems. Yeah, we know…talk is cheap. So we invite you to check us out. Kick the tires. We believe you’ll find the engineering partner you need at Fredericks.


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