VAT, Incorporated


Vacuumtechnology, Vacuumvalves

VAT offers Multi Valve Modules, Custom Engineered and Standard Edge Welded Bellows solutions, Vacuum Valves and VAT Global Services for repair, retrofit/upgrades and spare parts programs.

VAT MODULES - VAT's custom engineered integrated module solutions simplify our customers system and supply chain. VAT modules integrate valves, pumping lines and other components to reduce footprint, reduce sealing lines and optimize performance. All VAT modules arrive at our customers tested and ready for installation.

VAT EDGE WELDED BELLOWS - VAT offers custom engineered edge welded bellows solutions. VAT Bellows adhere to the highest quality and cleanliness standards of the most demanding applications. Our highly automated bellows stamping and welding processes ensure stable production and ramp readiness.

VAT GLOBAL SERVICES - VAT is your customer support solution provider for all Valve applications. VAT Global Services offers repair, upgrades and spare parts programs designed to improve system up time and productivity. With locations throughout the world VAT Global Services is available for you 24/7.

VAT VACUUM VALVES - A proven leader in vacuum valves around the globe. Quality, reliability and excellence because of a solid history founded in PASSION, PRECISION and PURITY.

VAT's global team is comprised of application and design engineers, service technicians and customer-oriented support teams who offer comprehensive assistance to address specific customer needs from concept-to-finish and everywhere in between.


655 River Oaks Parkway
San Jose, California 95134
United States of America

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