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With 30 years of experience manufacturing custom ultra-high vacuum products, Applied Vacuum has the tools and technology to provide most requirements. We deliver total vacuum solutions including chambers and assemblies, flanges and components, as well as custom integrated equipment.

Vacuum Products for World-Class Manufacturers, National Labs, Universities and R&D Groups

  • Surface Analysis and Mass Spectrometry
  • Thin-Film Deposition and Semiconductor
  • Vacuum Annealing and Sintering
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics Research
  • Thermal Test and Space Simulation

Custom Vacuum Chambers of Any Size or Complexity for High Vacuum (HV), Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) and Extreme High Vacuum (XHV) Requirements

Applied Vacuum fabricates custom chambers and assemblies from rough and high vacuum (HV) for industrial processes to ultra-high (UHV) and extreme-high vacuum (XHV) for critical scientific study. We manage a range of production volume from custom design-and-build projects for national labs and universities to repeat production for equipment manufacturers.  Our engineering and manufacturing resources will help take your requirements from initial concepts, to fully engineered designs, to tested products ready for your use. 

  • Engineering & Design Support - Our engineering and manufacturing resources will help take your requirements from initial concepts, to fully engineered designs, to completed and tested products ready for use. We utilize SOLIDWORKS® 3D design and advanced analysis software, enabling expert review of critical tolerances, port alignment, chamber wall deformations, weld stresses and other features.
  • Integrated Cooling Options - For vacuum systems involving processes with significant thermal output, we provide integrated cooling options such as welded and hydro-formed channels or double-wall designs.
  • Rated for Vacuum, Pressure and Cryogenics - Our engineering group can assist you with design considerations to meet safety and mechanical concerns, including ratings for ASME/PED pressure and cryogenic requirements.
  • Critically Cleaned, Tested & Inspected - Throughout the build process, extreme cleanliness and attention to finish quality are paramount. All welded assemblies are 100% helium leak tested. We have Certified Welding Inspectors® (CWI) to review critical weld joints. Final dimensional inspection utilizes our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified / Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) Certified / ASME, AWS + PED Compliant
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