Challentech International Corporation


Challentech was founded in 1987 in Taiwan and has now been servicing the semiconductor industry for over 30 years. Challentech is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of products and services in this regard, including refurbished cryogenic pumps, cold heads, helium compressors, full range of repair kits and spare parts, and other system components.

All of our parts are full testing to meet or exceed original factory specifications and every part must pass a thorough inspection before it is accepted our inventory

  • Refurbished CTI CryoPumps and Compressors
  • CTI Cryopump Maintenance Kits and Service Parts
  • On-Board and On-Board IS Array kits, Radiation Shield, and other Service Parts
  • Helium Refrigerator Service Kit
  • Adsorber & Helium Lines / Tube



No.21, Taihe Rd.,
Zhubei City 30267

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  • 2019 AVS Corporate Member