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Ionoptika specializes in the manufacture of high-performance ion beam technology for the surface analysis and nanofabrication markets. Our products range from individual ion beam solutions for UHV systems through to state-of-the-art ToF SIMS and ion implantation platforms.

For over 25 years, Ionoptika has been at the forefront of developments in ion beam technology, often introducing innovative and disruptive products to the market. From the very first carbon fullerene ion source, to the J105 SIMS that continues to change the way the community thinks about SIMS. We value our relationships with our customers, many of whom we work closely with, and constantly strive to improve the services we deliver.


The J105 SIMS is a state-of-the-art 3D imaging ToF SIMS that delivers class-leading sensitivity with exceptional imaging and mass spectrometry performance. Combining innovative design and cutting-edge science with a comprehensive list of features, the J105 redefines what ToF SIMS can do.


Our latest product, Q-One, is a state-of-the-art tool for deterministic single ion implantation with nanoscale precision. A completely new design, this powerful FIB enables positioning of single ions with incredible accuracy and unprecedented speed. Featuring a host of powerful features, the Q-One is the most advanced system for fabrication of quantum devices and advanced materials engineering.

Ion Beams

Our comprehensive range of ion beam solutions includes both sputter ion sources as well as analytical beams, from low energy oxygen to high energy gas cluster beams. One of our most popular solutions for surface analysis applications is the GCIB 10S - a 10kV gas cluster ion beam that can be installed on almost any vacuum system. The GCIB 10S has a range of benefits from high-throughput low-damage sputtering to high resolution 3D analysis.


We also provide a range of vacuum compatible accessories from secondary electron imaging systems, to electron flood guns and nanosecond pulsers.



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