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Supporting advanced research since 1968, Lake Shore Cryotronics is a leading innovator in measurement and control solutions for low-temperature and magnetic field conditions. High-performance product solutions include cryogenic temperature sensors, controllers, and monitors; cryogenic probe stations; magnetic test and measurement instrumentation ; and material characterization systems.


Cryogenic sensors

Lake Shore provides industry-leading Cernox® thin-film RTD, silicon diode, germanium and ruthenium oxide sensors for use in ultra-high vacuum environments. The smaller package size of Cernox makes it useful in a broader range of experimental mounting schemes, including a rugged SD package that is compatible with most ultra-high vacuum applications.

Lake Shore also offers made-to-order temperature sensor probes , which provide high-reliability sensor performance in a thermowell and provide extended sensor reach in narrow spaces. Various mounting adapters suited for either positive or negative pressures are also available.

Cryogenic probe stations

Lake Shore cryogenic probe stations enable DC, RF, microwave, or THz-frequency probing of materials and devices as a function of temperature and magnetic field in a controlled vacuum sample environment.

Options include a high vacuum 10-7 torr kit for reducing pump down time and minimizing condensation accumulation on samples during cooldown; a compact turbo pumping system for rapidly evacuating the vacuum chamber; a load-lock assembly that allows samples to be exchanged without breaking ​vacuum; and a sample suitcase for quick sample transfers between controlled environments and featuring a vacuum flange adaptable for various glove box fittings.

Material characterization systems

Lake Shore offers a number of integrated hardware/software systems, including:

Vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) systems – for characterizing the DC magnetic properties of thin film, bulk, liquid, and powder material samples as a function of magnetic field, temperature, and time. Mechanical vacuum pump options are also available.

Hall effect measurement systems – for performing Hall and magneto-transport material measurements as a function of field and temperature, including the Model 8425 for researchers who need to characterize wafer-scale materials in a controlled cryogenic environment. Because the system keeps samples under vacuum, it is ideal for materials that are reactive to air or require initial warming to drive out moisture.


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