Larson Electronic Glass


Manufacturer of glass to metal seals including viewports, tubular seals, domed seals, double-ended seals and bellows to glass. Our specialty is custom seals.

Larson Electronic Glass has been producing state of the art glass-to-metal seals since 1954. Our customers include industrial and government facilities, science departments of colleges and universities, and independent research and development laboratories around the world.

While we are well known for our custom and one of a kind prototype work, we also offer a complete line of standard, off the shelf, glass-to-metal seals.

Our standard products include glass, quartz and sapphire viewports, Kovar to glass and stainless steel to PYREX seals, stainless steel bellows-to-glass adaptors, fiberoptic and electrical feedthrus, and vacuum flanges and accessories. Please consult our catalog for a complete listing of our products.

  • Custom Designs
  • Viewports
  • Tubular Seals/Adaptors
  • Double Ended Adaptors
  • Closed End Adaptors
  • Bellows/Glass Adaptors
  • Stainless Steel Bellows
  • Fiberoptic Feedthrus
  • Electrical Feedthrus
  • Flanges and Accessories
  • Technical Information 
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PO Box 371
2840 Bay Road
Redwood City, California 94064
United States of America

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