Mass 4 Service, Inc.


Our team of Technicians are dedicated to exemplary customer service, prompt and professional technical support and expert leak detector equipment service. We take pride in our dependable customer service, with prompt response times, and competent problem solving. All of our work is guaranteed.

Annual Helium Leak Detector Maintenance, NIST Re-certifictaion, Expert trouble-shooting services & repairs for all major brands: Leybold, Agilent-Varian, Inficon, Lacotech, Pfeiffer-Adixen-Alcatel

Increase Productivity, Minimize Downtime: Solutions for your Leak Detection Applications

New & Refurbished New Leybold Phoenix Series Leak Detectors,  New & Used Agilent/Varian Leak Detectors, Kashiyama NeoDry Roots Rotary Roughing Pumps

Weekly & Monthly Leak Detector Rentals: Agilent VS Dry, Leybold Vario with EcoDry65+, Varian 959 Dry 

Operator Training Workshops: Onsite, 1-day workshops focused on your equipment & applications, ask for a Syllabus.


1282 Alma Court
San Jose, California 95112
United States of America

Spartan Stadium

Fax: 877-584-9273

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