MeiVac Inc. offers a diverse line of components for various vacuum and thin film applications , including throttle valves, substrate heaters, magnetron sputter sources, e-beam & resistive evaporation sources, and our new cryogenic water pump.

  • Vari-Q multi-vane throttle valves for high-resolution repeatable downstream pressure control
  • HTR high temperature resistive substrate heaters up to 950°C along with a power supply/controller
  • MAK sputter sources, and complimentary power supplies/ matching networks for PVD research and production systems
  • e-Vap ® deposition sources which include thermal resistive and electron-beam evaporation sources along with their power supplies and controllers
  • Aqua-Lok cryogenic water pumps for improving base vacuum and increasing pump down speeds

With more than 30 years of vacuum system design, manufacturing, and support experience, MeiVac Inc. also continues its leadership in the magnetic storage industry, supporting thin film head production for all of the major magnetic media head manufacturers.


5830 Hellyer Ave
San Jose, California 95138
United States of America

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