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Persys is an industry leader in integrative solutions for parts cleaning, refurbishment, and technical services for assemblies and machine parts in the semiconductor, magnetic media, solar, microelectronics, aerospace, and optics industries. We provide services to leading global brands, including Fortune 500 companies, in three main regions: USA, South East Asia and the Middle East, as well as through outsourcing operations at the customer site. Persys’ skilled personnel use cutting-edge techniques to provide unparalleled parts-cleaning, decontamination, Coating and refurbishing services, allowing businesses peace of mind and focus on their core businesses. Established in 1988, Persys is ISO 9001-certified and authorized by the Environmental Ministry to implement the safe disposal of hazardous materials in accordance with the highest environmental protection standards.

Industries: Semiconductor, magnetic media, solar, medical devices and other related industries.

Engineering Solutions

Specialization in engineering design and development in the fields of mechanics, precision mechanics, electricity, electronics and materials. Projects implementation from preliminary characterization and the development process, up to release of the product at the final manufacturing stage. This includes manufacturing of the prototype and pilot series.

Persys is experienced in design, development and manufacturing of products and assemblies in the fields of mechanical, electrical and material engineering serving the following industries:

  • Semiconductor and magnetic media
  • Medical devices
  • Solar

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815 Swift Street Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California 95060
United States of America

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